Awards Night

A capacity crowd estimated to be 75 members and friends attended the 2014 Award Night held on September 13.  The awards ceremony was preceded by the North side bash and another successful pot luck dinner so the crowd was pumped for the awards to begin.

Bob H was the nights first winner taking home the Swimmer of the Year trophy for showing off his  diving and swimming skills at the Waupoos marina.  Next Rear Commodore of Sail Rob C with organization from Anna C presented the racing trophies.  A complete list of winners can be found in the club’s website racing section “2014 Final Race Results”.  Overall season champs were Wednesday Night: Tomfoolery, Saturday White Sail: Xtasea, and Saturday Flying Sail: MP20.  The trophy presentations was highlighted by JC donating a trophy in memory of his daughter Kelly which was presented for the first time to winning female  skipper Michele C.   Also Fred W acceptance speech (for accidentally winning a race) as presented by Herb. H was the comic highlight of the night.

Herb H, last years Pirate flag  winner, presented this years winner Bob H with his flag. It appears that Bob’s Waupoos swim was quite a memorable event.  Logan M, Rear Commodore of Cruising then awarded Andy C the single handed trophy and Cock of the Walk for introducing new sailor Kevin L. to the wonders of around the county cruising.

The final award of the night, The Commodore’s Cup was presented by Past Commodore and life member Albert S to Michele C.  The trophy was presented in recognition of  Michele’s efforts in organizing and promoting an all female racing team, the first in the club’s recent history.

A special thank you to Peter Goddard for taking many photograph of the night.  The following is just a sampling.