Super Bowl Party

On February 4 the Board of Directors hosted a Super Bowl viewing party to initiate the club’s new TV.  Despite a very snowy day and several members laid low by the flue, 11 members ventured down to the club and had a great time watching the Eagles upset the Patriots in Super Bowl LII.  Jim Coe who donated the club’s TV was the guest of honour and had a special chair to sit in.  Everyone brought lots of snacks so there was plenty to eat.  Special mention goes to Michele’s wings, Lorraine’s Chile,  Scot Hunters, Chile.  and Patty’s home made pizza.

Rob A was the big winner in the guess the score game, winning a quarter and  the top prize for final score.   Chuck also did well winning one quarter and the half time score.

We were all winners because the TV picture was superb and could be watched from as far away as the kitchen.  Someone even mentioned the possibility of having a movie night soon.

Thanks again to Jim for donating the TV and making this party possible