Scotch Bonnet Race Weekend

July 26th – PYC’s date with Scotch Bonnet. With two visiting yacht clubs, our friends from CFB Trenton, and to our surprise the ‘adventurous’ Port Hope Yacht Club, it was truly a wonderful way to spend a weekend. In total we had 25 boats at the start line which was magnificent to see. With light winds both fleets completed the race course without incident and returned to PYC for a feast of epic proportions and music and laughter and friendship. Some stayed up into the ‘wee’ hours until the rains insisted they retire for some rest. For all those that participated in the planning and execution of this event a great big THANK YOU is in order.  To all the winners of the flying sail and white sail fleets congratulations!

At this rate of fun and successful planning I’m not sure my body can take much more – for now. Until the next time, HAPPY SAILING.

Bob H.

Scotch Bonnet race weekend BBQ

Scotch Bonnet race weekend BBQ


Non Flying Sail Winner


Who is the old guy messing up our picture?


Flying Sail Winners


Lots of Food




Award Presentation


Nice weather. great turnout for the BBQ


Waiting for the chef to do his magic