North Side Bash

September 13 was the first day that it felt like fall.  It was rainy windy and cold.  In fact  the last race of the season was canceled do to high wind and large waves.  However this cool weather turned out to be perfect for the North side organized theme of crossing the equator into the frozen north!! For a southsider to cross over they had to recite an ode to the north side, chug a glass of ice worm screech cocktail, and kiss the cod.  Once across everyone was awarded with a warm fire, seal meat sliders, northern comfort, and many northern themed snacks.  Check out the following pictures. From all the smiles I would say that the event was a success.

Many thanks to all the north side and moored boats  crews who organized this fine event.  It was well attended and was a great lead into the pot luck dinner and awards presentation that followed.