High Water Project Update

The plan to modify the harbour and docks to allow use during high water is in full swing.  According to project leader Phil,  the plan, approved at the May 27 special general meeting, is on time an on budget.  Fred organized workers and insured that there was a great turnout of members on Saturday June 3 to build ramps and install cement blocks.  Phil had the following to say about June 3 weekend activities:

“Many thanks to all that turned out to help at the work party on Saturday and especially to Al Duffin who spent many hours at the club in the preceding days prepping lumber and hardware ahead of time.
Crews managed to assemble and place almost all of the wooden access ramps, place all of the concrete anchors and start stringing tie back cables before the day was over.
On Sunday, Al Borg directed a mini launch of boats from the NE corner of the property to open up access to the NE docks so that gravel can be spread in this area.
This week, plans are being made to have a work party mid week to complete the tie back phase of the project, weather permitting. There will be a further email within the next few days.
Gravel will be ordered for delivery on Friday so that spreading can be finished on Saturday.
Again, thanks for all the support. The project is moving ahead as planned in anticipation of launch on June 17. “

These pictures show how hard everyone worked and the ramps that were the result.  Fred is now organizing workers for this week and next weekend and I hope you come and help out.  Launch looks like a go for June 17 so be ready!