Corn Roast 2016

August 27 was a perfect day to have a corn roast and nearly 80 members and guests took advantage of it.   The hot dogs were cooked to perfection by chefs Leigh and Ed.  The kitchen crew made up of Gabriele, Michele, Patty, Mandy, and Patricia somehow managed to cooked enough corn to feed every one,  Many thanks to the cooking crew and to Christine for buying such great tasting corn and making sure everything ran smoothly.

This year, in honor of the clubs 50th anniversary, there was a special 20 question club history quiz organized by the 50th committee. Table #4 was the grand winner taking home the prize of 50 ju ju bees.   In addition tickets were sold for a prize of a christmas tree decorated with lottery tickets.  New member Scot was the lucky winner.  What away to start off being a PYC member.

Once again the campfire finished off the nights activities as many members sat around it and told more tall tails. It was great to see so many members out for this event.  All the events this summer have been well attended and that is great to see.