2017 Community Living Sail Day

10th Annual PYC Community Living Sail, August 17, 2017


The 2017 Skippers

Community Living Campbellford/Brighton supports the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in our community. We are pleased to host an annual sail-day offering sailing,companionship and good fun to many in care. Each year eight to ten members take guests outfor an hour or so on the bay followed by a late lunch at the clubhouse. This year, more than 20 people in care and their support workers took part on a sunny August afternoon. As Sarah Hyatt reported in the Brighton Independent: “It’s great to get people out on the boats. It’s an opportunity to try and experience something new,” said Donna Desjardins, director of support and services for Community Living Campbellford/Brighton. “This promotes inclusion and everyone always leaves with a smile.” About 24 folks through the PYC and Community Living Campbellford/Brighton partnership benefited from Thursday’s trip out on the bay. The group was divvied up onto about seven or eight boats, in pairs and threes. They set sail for about an hour or so on the bay, before returning to the clubhouse for hotdogs, ice cream, watermelon and other summer treats. For some, Desjardins imagines they experience “a certain sense of freedom out on the boats.” “They usually go out and then can’t wait for the next sail day,” she said. Along with the skippers pictured, many other PYC members support this annual event helping to launch boats and preparing the much appreciated summer lunch under chef Susan Traer.